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8L Beauty Small Cosmetic Refrigerators Mini Makeup Skincare Fridge

* 【Cold & Warm 8L Fridge】The 8-liter compact beauty refrigerator has two modes of heating and cooling. The low temperature can
reach -2°C. It can be used for preservation and freshness of cosmetics and skin care products and cold drinks, medicines and
fruits. It can also maintain the temperature of hot drinks and heat to About 60°C.
* 【Stylish mirror with light design.】 The refrigerator door is designed with a mirror with lights, which is specially designed
for makeup, and you can make makeup for yourself anytime, anywhere. The LED light is controlled by the touch sensor switch, and
the brightness can be adjusted through the touch screen. This can also be done in dark or poorly lit places.
* 【Compact design and super portability.】 Very suitable for home, travel, office, boating, camping, commuting, etc.! Small size
and stylish design, very suitable for any place.
* 【CFC-free refrigeration and silent design.】 There is no compressor vibration, which can achieve efficient cooling, quiet and
stable operation. The portable refrigerator is only 28 dB. This is a very soft sound and will not disturb your rest.
* 【AC/DC Adapter】Includes plugs for standard household power outlets and 12V car chargers. Note:1.Please make sure to run the
cooler/heater only when the vehicle engine is turned on, otherwise the battery power may be exhausted.2.In order to carry out
the cold and heat conversion, the work should be stopped for 1 hour.3.It will stop working when the temperature reaches
60°C,and automatically work at 55°C,and the heat will remain at 55-60°C.4.Fingerprints can be wiped off.

8L Beauty Small Cosmetic Refrigerators Mini Makeup Skincare Fridge


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