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Enough - Collagen Aqua Air Cushion

ENOUGH COLLAGEN AQUA AIR CUSHION  (15g) - compact moisturizing foundation cushion with collagen allows you to quickly and easily create a flawless makeup coverage. The delicate consistency of the product is easily distributed on the surface of the face, it is well shaded, quickly adjusts to the tone of the skin, effectively hides minor imperfections, redness, peeling, uneven terrain
The tool does not create an artificial mask, it looks natural, it is practically not felt on the skin, it has good durability. In addition to decorative properties, the cushion cares for the skin: it moisturizes and nourishes it, improves firmness and elasticity, makes it softer and smoother, and protects it from the damaging effects of sunlight and other external environmental factors. The tool also regulates the sebaceous glands and prevents the formation of excessive fat content, has a matting effect.

How to use: After using your usual moisturizer, gently pat foundation cushion all over your face.

Enough - Collagen Aqua Air Cushion

  • 15 g

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