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Medi-Peel -  Peptide 9 Mela Stick

Highly concentrated multi-care stick that treats hyperpigmentation, freckles and wrinkles with one simple touch.

Solutions for
Skin in need of highly concentrated carefreckles, wrinkles and dry skin
Dull and dark skin

Product Function: Brightening, Anti-wrinkle

Product Benefits

Contains more than 180 times of Tocopheryl Acetate, one of the main ingredients in DERMA MAISON's IDEBENONE BRIGHTENING AMPOULE.
Brightens and firms the skin with patented brightening ingredients and 35,000 ppm of melatoxin complex.
Handy stick with excellent ingredients makes the skin shinier by applying frequently.

Medi-Peel - Peptide 9 Mela Stick

  • 10 g