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Ryo - Hair Loss Expert Care Scalp Cooling Tonic

A leave-on scalp tonic that hydrates & cools your scalp with a micro mist applicator.
Provides 5 Scalp Protection benefits*: - Reduce sebum by 81.08% - Reduce hair loss verified by Korea MFDS - Reduce heat on scalp by 6% - Increase scalp moisture by 103.9% - Soothe flaky scalp by 40.6% *
Powered by Ginsen9EX™ to care for 9 scalp & hair symptoms using advanced science with the combination of 9 ingredients including whole ginseng. > Moisturizes Scalp > Nourishes Scalp > Hydrates Hair > Strong Hair > Soft Hair > Smooth Hair > Protection of hair against heat > Shiny Hair > Resilient Hair


Key Benefits:

The cooling scalp tonic helps alieviate hair loss care by caffeine, cooling scalp and relief the scalp sebum.
Relieves scalp oil content, relieves scalp heat, increases scalp moisture, soothes scalp dead skin cells, and relieves hair loss symptoms.
The effect is maximized when used on wet hair after shampooing and before drying.
Eucalyptus and Almoise oil help to relieve scalp odor.
Free of silicone oil and 7 harmful ingredients.

Ryo - Hair Loss Expert Care Scalp Cooling Tonic

  • 145 ml

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