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Dr. ForHAIR - Folligen Cell-Energy Shampoo

Dr. ForHAIR - Folligen Cell-Energy Shampoo – shampoo against hair loss. The shampoo’s active formula is based on biotin, zinc compounds, niacinamide, liquorice extracts, artemisia, coix and camphor for effective skin cleansing with therapeutic action against all types of hair loss, dandruff and seborrhea. Stimulates hair growth by restoring and maintaining normal microflora with probiotics and yeast extract. Gives skin and hair a groomed and healthy look. Has a cooling effect thanks to the addition of menthol.


Functions of key ingredients
1. Biotin – Water-soluble vitamin that is essential for human growth and maintaining health. Effective to prevention of hair loss by supplying nutrition to scalp
2. Niacinamide – Effective for inflammatory scalp trouble with superior bisabolene
3. Dex Panthenol – Balancing pH of scalp and hair with low-irritating substances. Protecting scalp and regenerating skin
4. Zinc Pyrithione – Suppressing the propagation of germs and preventing scalp trouble by controlling excessive secretion from sebaceous glands


Dr. ForHAIR - Folligen Cell-Energy Shampoo

  • 100 ml